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Who are we ?

Collectors and fans of MIDI or Karaoke, we bring this site to life, for you.

* Jean-Michel Manolias (Site development, server, administrator)
* Chantal Cabrero (Site management, classification, administrator)
* Jeff Pastor (Research, sorting, administrator)
* Mélina (Collections, development, update)

To contact us, please use the: Contact form
To write to us: BKMAF - 7, impasse des chalets 11140 Belfort sur Rebenty (France)

Answers to your questions:

What information do you collect and how do you use it?
For your convenience, the site may collect information relating to your visits, the type of browser, the operating system, your country, the pages consulted on our website as well as the date and time

Who do you share my information with?
We do not share your information. Your email does not leave this site and will never be communicated to anyone without your prior agreement.

How many emails will I receive?
The only emails sent are automatically sent by this site. In general, we do not send other emails than those of registration, renewal and account submissions..

How are cookies used on INTERNATIONAL-MIDI-FILES?
INTERNATIONAL-MIDI-FILES uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. This technology used by all sites optimizes your visit.
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